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AP-7 Cut Off in Sant Cugat Due to 10K Jam

The AP-7 is cut off as it passes through Sant Cugat del towards Tarragona due to the withdrawal of a truck that caught fire this Tuesday The SCT has reported that detours are made towards the B-30 through exit 22 because of the accident due to 10k jam.

Even so, there are 10 kilometers of retentions on the AP-7 and seven more on the B-30. The fire originated Tuesday around 6.30 pm in the loading of the truck. The firefighters have finished removing this load at around 5.43 am, since it continued to burn incandescently and this forced them to remove it and soak it on the asphalt.

The case of Maribel brings together many of the elements that have marked the recent history of the struggle for access to housing in Barcelona. He bought an apartment when everything was pushing for it that, over time, he could not pay. They seized it, but he obtained a dation in payment and a social rent thanks to the 24/2015 .

Catalan rule promoted by social movements that obliges large landowners to offer a social rent to vulnerable families, as is their case . Always cuddled by these activists, the Government expanded this rule with Decree Law 17/2019, which, among other things, forced to renew those rents if the economic situation of the families did not improve, as is the case of Maribel.

A regulation overturned by the Constitutional Court, a fact that the investment fund that owns Maribel’s apartment took advantage of in order not to renew her contract .

The first eviction order was for March 2021, but his public defender asked the judge to take advantage of the state moratorium for the pandemic he meets all the requirements and he, on that occasion, accepted and set a new date for this Tuesday.

Despite the fact that the Government extended the moratorium until October 31 , on this occasion the judge has decided not to apply it again, considering that it has already done so once and that at this time the social services should have already found a solution for the woman, something that obviously has not happened (the waiting list at the housing emergency table in Barcelona is about 600 families ).

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