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Terribas Becomes A Social Gathering With Pablo Iglesias

The journalist joins the Rac 1 program with which she had competed from Catalunya Ràdio

The journalist Mònica Terribas will join, together with the former Vice President of the Government Pablo Iglesias , the Monday gathering of the radio program El món a RAC1 , which today has begun its new season. It is the case that Terribas had competed for the morning radio audience with that same program from the Catalunya Ràdio antenna.

Pablo Iglesias adds a third collaboration in the media and will debate weekly with Carmen Calvo
Terribas has explained that he has accepted the position at the insistence of the program’s host , Jordi Basté, with whom he directs another program on TV3 , and has clarified that he has always been critical of the tendencies of social gatherings, but believes that they are an important space for “listen and learn from others,” according to a statement from the station.

Director of TV3
Mònica Terribas was director of the Television of Catalonia between 2008 and 2012 and a year later she went to the radio to present and direct El matí de Catalunya Ràdio, a program of which she was in charge until last year.

Pablo Iglesias, talkative and researcher in Barcelona
“A table with people who can make you reflect and change your mind is an interesting space and with Pablo there will be many things that we will not share and others that we will,” he said, referring to sharing this space with the one who was leader of United We Can.

Talk about politics
The journalist hopes that this is a season in which many things are talked about, because “politics is very important and we have to ask for all the explanations that are necessary.”

He will talk about the Catalan political crisis , which he believes “persists and will not end soon”, but believes that this cannot make people forget about issues such as the price of electricity or the more than two million people who are at risk of exclusion and poverty.

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