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Talk Of Loss Of Support From Colau And End Of Supermarkets War

There is talk of loss of support from Colau, the end of the supermarkets war and Casado

Ada Colau loses the support of the neighborhoods
The summer parties in the neighborhoods of Barcelona have become a nightmare for Ada Colau, as she has become the target of angry protests from Barcelona residents, unhappy with her management. The latest example of this was seen last weekend at the celebrations in the Gràcia neighborhood.

There Colau could not even give his speech due to the continuous shouting of those present, blaming her for the growing insecurity in the city. Colau’s team is said to be concerned about these acts. Especially because the protests have become a constant throughout the summer.

“In all the neighborhood festivals these episodes are being repeated with greater or lesser intensity”, they recognize in the Catalan City Council. Colau, on the other hand, has chosen to throw balls out and describe the protests as “sectarian”.

These comments have caused greater discontent in a large part of Barcelona society, which reproaches him on social networks for how permissive he was with citizen criticism, when he directed the Platform for People Affected by Mortgages, and now calls every reproach “sectarian”. “How much has changed since the times when I even saw justification for the escraches,” they say in an opposition political party.

End of the price war in the ‘super’?
The main supermarket chains are locked in a war of aggressive commercial promotions with the aim of grabbing market share from their rivals. However, it is said in the sector that this strategy has come to an end.

Apparently, the reason is in the high costs of electricity, which does not give room to maintain the price battle. “The margins in the distribution sector are narrow and with the discounts they are even more so. Continuing with the promotions, while assimilating the impact of the rise in the electricity bill, inevitably leads us to losses,” they assure from a prominent supermarket chain.

The cut of advisers for which Casado is already fighting
The large list of advisers to the coalition government of Pedro Sánchez (more than 1,200) has always been the subject of strong criticism from the PP.

Therefore, it is not surprising that, according to comments coming out of Genoa, Pablo Casado is working on a proposal, which he may present to Congress, for Moncloa to reduce the personnel hired by hand. “It is obvious that Moncloa will not do it, but at least it will be in evidence,” say the popular.

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