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26 Artistic Spaces in Barcelona Gallery Weekend

26 Artistic Spaces From Wednesday afternoon until Sunday 19, the Barcelona Gallery Weekend returns to open the doors free of charge to citizens in 33 galleries in Barcelona and Santa Margarida , exhibiting work more than 70 artists from 20 countries.

After “the drastic fall of 2020, a year of resistance “, recognizes Susanna Corchia, director of the Barcelona Gallery Weekend, this 2021 presents a 7th edition of record in number of galleries and with more activities and organized routes than ever, both face-to-face as virtual 3D.

It also estimates that more than 70 collectors will pass through them, already approaching the average of one hundred pre-covid years and values ​​the role of the project in making the work of galleries visible as generating spaces of culture open to citizens, beyond the need for these to sell the pieces of the creators.

26 Artistic Spaces Info

Until Friday the activities are aimed at professionals and the weekend will be for all audiences, some of them designed for families with children There will be free talks, presentations, concerts, ‘performances’ and guided tours in small groups throughout the galleries.

This year, in addition, it will be possible to take 3D online tours of the 33 participating galleries, with three-dimensional views of the spaces and the details of the works. Live interviews with artists and gallery owners can also be seen on Instagram so that they can promote and sell their works, and it will be possible to buy pieces from home . For the latter, Corchia informs, an advisory and guidance service will be expanded for the public that is interested in making acquisitions.

Among the offer, the director of the 26 artistic event highlights the variety of disciplines - photography, sculpture, painting, videos, ‘performances ‘ …, but also works with fabrics and embroidery such as Chiquita Room - as well as themes. “There is no univocal trend but there are choral proposals with a plurality of voices and themes such as sexual identity and gender, AIDS and homosexuality, or feminism.”

Galleries such as Senda, Artur Ramon, Marlborough, Mayoral, Pigment Gallery, àngels barcelona or Sala Parés join in this edition of Out Of Africa Gallery in Sitges, dedicated to contemporary African art, Imaginart Gallery, specialized in protest, transgressive and political art, the Alegría Gallery moved from Madrid to L’Hospitalet, and Valid Foto, focused on photography.

Since it was held, the Barcelona Gallery Weekend, organized by the Art Barcelona association with the support of the Barcelona City Council, although it does not have exact figures, “it has noticed a continuity of visits the rest of the year”, Corchia points out.

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