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Russian Segment Of The International Space Station Is “In The Last”

None of the builders gives guarantees that it will remain in good condition until 2025

The Russian segment of the International Space Station (ISS) “is in the last,” said the head of its flight program, former cosmonaut and spacecraft builder, Vladimir Soloviov, in an interview with the official Russian agency RIA Novosti.

“At the end of July there was a meeting of the presidium of the Roscosmos Techno-Scientific Council (the Russian space agency) where it was highlighted that the station is on the last,” said Soloviov, chief constructor of the Energuia corporation, manufacturer of rockets and spacecraft. .

Russia leaves the International Space Station
According to the head of the segment’s flight program , where other problems had already occurred , none of the participants in a recent Builders Council meeting gave guarantees that the orbital platform equipment will continue to operate beyond 2025.

“In words they all assure that nothing will be damaged, but they do not stamp their signature at the bottom of a document, “added Soloviov, who in view of the wear and tear of the ISS has proposed creating a new Russian space station.

80% out of warranty
Last April, after air leaks were detected in the Russian segment of the ISS , Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yurí Borisov declared that the state of the platform structures could cause a catastrophe . Soloviov confirmed that 80% of the equipment of the Russian Zvezdá module is already out of the warranty period.

The International Space Station, destabilized by an incident with the newly assembled Russian module
“We have never hidden this information. It is all in our reports. We have been warning for years that it is time to think about a new space station ,” he stressed.

For his part, Roscosmos spokesman Vladimir Ustimenko said in statements to the TASS agency that in the period until 2025 “the situation regarding the security and operation of the station is under control.”

“The places with hermetic problems have been blocked and isolated by our crew from the main volume of the Russian segment,” he explained.

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