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Plaques On Millán Astray Street In Madrid Vandalized After Being Restored

Several of these plates, in concert between numbers 22 and 26, have been covered with black paint

Several of the plaques placed on Calle del General Millán Astray, in the Madrid district of Latina , have been vandalized with stickers and black paint a week after the Madrid City Council restored the name of the street by a court ruling .

Millán-Astray, the founding father of the apology of Francoism
Last week the Consistory replaced the plaques on the street of General Millán Astray, whose name had been changed to that of Maestra Justa Freire, in application of a ruling of the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid that dissociated the founder of the Spanish Legion of the Law of Historical Memory.

However, several of these plates, specifically between numbers 22 and 26, have been covered with black paint, according to ABC and local sources have confirmed to Efe.

In addition, the youth organization Rebeldia has uploaded a tweet on social networks in which a young man is seen placing a sticker with the street name of Maestra Justa Freire on top of one of these plaques.

The Madrid City Council, with Manuela Carmena as mayor, approved on April 28, 2017 -with the abstention of the PP and the support of Now Madrid, PSOE and Cs- the name change of 52Z streets with Francoist reminiscences in application of the Law of Historical Memory, among them that of General Millán Astray.

Individuals and associations such as the Millán Astray Platform and the Francisco Franco Foundation appealed the measure.

The Superior Court of Justice of Madrid (TSJM) has now determined to recover the original name of some of the modified streets, such as that of General Millán Astray (changed by Maestra Justa Freire), Fallen of the Blue Division (Memorial March 11, 2004 ), Hermanos García Noblejas (Avenida de la Institución Libre de Enseñanza), El Algabeño (José Rizal), Crucero Baleares (Barco Sinaia) and the Cirilo Martín roundabout (Ramón Gaya).

In the case of General Millán Astray, the TSJM has indicated that “already in 1923 it had the name of a square in Madrid” in recognition “for its intervention in the war in the Philippines, for having been the founder of the Legion. Spanish, as well as for his wounds in combat “, and that he neither” had any intervention “in the military uprising nor” direct participation “in the Civil War.

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