New Delhi: Writer and filmmaker Javed Akhtar has tried to convey the message of brotherhood and unity to the people through a video. His wife Shabana Azmi has posted a video from her official Twitter account. In this, Javed is appealing to the people to remain united. He has appealed that if people pray at home on the occasion of Ramadan, then the whole society will benefit. Always do things that benefit the society. Take care that your words, slogans and conversations do not cause doubt in the hearts of others.

Javed said in this video- Friends, the country is going through a big crisis right now. To fight this crisis, whose name is Corona, it is necessary that we are all united. <! -

                 If we start doubting each other and do not understand each other's intentions, how will we fight when there is no unity? There is a great need for unity. Every day I hear a lot of strange things. Salute those doctors who are coming to take your test on their lives. It will be known from the test whether you have the disease or not. The test will reveal if you have a disease, you will be treated. It is very unfortunate that stones have been thrown at those doctors in many places. This is very stupid work, it should not be.
Javed further said - On the other side, one gets to hear that one category of shops has been closed. Turning the wheel. He was beaten and banished. There is little unity like this. We have to have complete trust in each other. We are all countrymen.
Javed Akhtar made a special appeal to the Muslim society. He said- I will request, especially from the Muslim brothers of my country. Your Ramadan is coming. You must pray. They consider their duty of worship But remember that others do not have problems. Rather, your own people should also not have the problem. All the prayers you used to do in the mosque, you can do it at home. Take care that your words, slogans and conversations do not create any kind of doubt in the hearts of others.


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