In such a situation, the laborers are engaged in covering every grain left after harvest so that the evening bread can be arranged.
The corona virus epidemic has created a crisis for the laborers of Bhilwara for even two days. The situation is that the laborers are arranging the bread for each time after harvesting and assimilating every single grain in the farmers 'field for two days' bread. <! -


At the same time, a woman laborer said that we are not getting employment because of Corona. Here for the evening meal, one by one granule bean sells it and arranges for the evening meal. On the question of applying mask, she says- We are women of old culture who always removes the veil in place of mask.

In Uttar Pradesh too, due to the corona lockdown, auto drivers in Kanpur are facing a lot of trouble. An auto driver reported that no rides have been found since the lockdown began.


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