New Delhi: The Center has sent a 6-member Inter Ministerial Central Team (IMSt) to West Bengal. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has questioned this decision of the Center. Mamta tweeted on Monday, targeting the central government and asked the reason for sending these teams to the state. He wrote- We welcome the support and suggestions of the Central Government against the Corona epidemic. However, the purpose of the Center's decision to send IMCT to some other states, including West Bengal, is beyond comprehension.

Expressing displeasure, Mamta said- I ask Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah the basis for sending the team to the Center in these districts of the state.
I regret to say that I will not be able to allow it without any clear reason, because it is against the spirit of the federal structure.

Here, the most affected state of corona virus is Maharashtra. The number of infected has crossed 4 thousand. Meanwhile, there have been reports that 53 journalists have been found corona positive in Mumbai. Most of Corona-infected journalists are connected to the electronic media. Some of these media persons had recently met the mayor of Mumbai, Kishori Pednekar. They have also been self-quarantined for 14 days. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation said that 53 journalists in Mumbai have been found positive in the Kovid-19 investigation. All these are kept in isolation as a precaution. Samples of 171 journalists reporting from the field, including photographers, video journalists and reporters working in the field, were collected and examined. Most of these have no symptoms yet. All of them are being quarantined.
In India, the total number of people infected with Corona has increased to 17265. Today, the Health Ministry gave a relief news. The Ministry of Health told during the shared sharing related to corona virus infection in the country that 59 districts of 23 states and union territories in the country have now been exempted from corona. In these days, there has been no new case of corona infection in the last 14 days. Apart from this, no cases have been reported in Mahe district in Puducherry, Kodagu in Karnataka and Pauri Garhwal district in Uttarakhand in the last 28 days. This is a relief news for the government.

Regarding the exemption granted by the Kerala government during the lockdown, the Central Government said that it is in violation of the rules issued under the Disaster Act 2005. The state government has been appealed not to allow activities for which the Ministry of Home Affairs has not been approved. Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Luv Aggarwal said that Goa too has become corona free.
He said that since April 19, dabbling rates of corona virus have increased in 18 states. Sharing the information, he said that where corona virus patients were doubling in the first 3.2 days, now it has increased to 7.5. He said that the dabbling rate of corona infection has improved in several states including Andhra Pradesh, Delhi. He clarified that no medicines for corona infection disease have yet been made. Its only vaccine is social distancing. Only by assuming that we can avoid it.
In Lucknow, 23 foreigners were sent to the temporary jail set up at the Municipal Inter College, Saadatganj on Sunday night. A case of infection was registered on these. All were being treated at Lokbandhu Hospital. There are strict security arrangements in the temporary jail. Passports and visas of all these deposits have been confiscated. All are blacklisted. Lookout circular has also been released. Earlier, in Meerut also, the depositors were sent to jail after quarantine.

In Uttar Pradesh, restrictions will remain fully in force in many districts including Lucknow, Noida, Agra. Neither offices will open nor industries will start. However, work started today with limited staff at the Secretariat in Lucknow. Entry of outsiders is closed. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has asked the DM to take decisions regarding the relaxation of restrictions during the lockdown and apprise the government. In districts where there are more than 10 cases of corona, more vigilance will be taken. This range includes 19 districts including Lucknow.


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