New Delhi / Team Digital. Booker Prize-awarded author Arundhati Roy's tone is getting sharper now against the Modi government at the Center. While Arundhati Roy, in an interview to International Media, described the Modi government as dictator like Hitler, he has accused the Hindu-Muslim tension between Corona virus infection in the country. Regarding this, Professor Rakesh Sinha, a BJP MP and a knowledgeable member of the AS, has described Arundhati Roy as a 'tabligi intellectual'.

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In his tweet, he writes, 'Arundhati Ray's statement (which has been given in an interview to foreign television) that the Indian state is planning to massacre Muslims under the pretext of Corona is a straight state treachery and should be prosecuted (Arundhati Ray's statement Indian state plans genocide of Muslims is a sedition) '

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In his second tweet, Rakesh Sinha wrote, '@narendramodi's unprecedented success in stopping Corona which is being seen as gross outside India and the country, some external and internal forces are not digesting. Strong efforts to impose Communal Agenda on the country and A conspiracy is going on behind it. Arundhati like 'tabligi intellectuals' are doing 'labor'. <! -


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The writer has also described the interview as stigmatizing Muslims in the country and the violence in Delhi as anti-Muslim. Rai says that under the guise of corona infection, the central government is now arresting young students. Not only this, action is being taken against intellectuals, lawyers, editors, activists.

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Comparing Germany's Holocaust with India, he said that the RSS has a link with Modi, the guiding organization of the BJP. The RSS believes that India should be made a Hindu nation. Their leaders have compared Indian Muslims to Jews in Germany.

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The writer said that the international world should now keep a close watch on India. Arundhati Roy said that Corona was creating such a situation during the crisis. Arundhati does not stop here, she further says that the situation in the country seems to be going towards ethnic genocide. The public is now fighting not only with the corona virus but also with hunger and hate.

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