A workshop on localization of photovoltaic energy sector in Saudi Arabia in line with Vision 2030 was held

Solar energy programs are at the vanguard of renewable energy initiatives being developed throughout the Kingdom in compliance with Vision 2030 and efforts that come under it in renewable energy sector, according to engineer Majid Al-Rifai, who serves as the Group Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at the leading supplier of renewable energy alternatives, Desert Technologies. Embedding initiatives to localize renewable energy industry, promote local content and enable the production of solar energy components. This will position the Kingdom to be a global hub for solar energy and associated technologies over the next ten years, as well as to improve economy of the Kingdom and adopt the most cutting-edge technology to combat climate change and alleviate global warming.

Al-Rifai stated that the Kingdom possesses raw resources, sunlight, land, and dedication, which qualifies it to be a renewable energy homeland, during a workshop recently hosted by Desert Technologies Group, which is in Riyadh on “Localization of PV Industry that is in Saudi Arabia.” This is done as part of National Renewable Energy Program (NREP), which is one of the Vision 2030s most critical national programs. By 2030, the Kingdom is planned to have developed over 35 renewable energy initiatives, with renewable energy production increasing from 9.5 GW in the year 2019 to 27.3 GW in the year 2024 as part of a five-year plan. The goal is to accomplish a renewable energy target of 58.7 GW by the year 2030, keeping with Crown Prince Mohammed Salman’s vision of relying on clean energy sources, focusing on solar power plants, and providing thousands of employment opportunities for the Saudi workforce.

According to Engineer Majed Al-Rifai, these initiatives will pave the way for strategic cooperation with the Saudi private industry, which has become a key player in the creation of renewable energy projects, particularly in the area of solar energy. The value of local content will be emphasized in order to construct a sophisticated industrial block, especially given the possibility of localizing three parts of the solar energy sector in the near future (cell manufacturing, transformer, module assembly and solar panel manufacturing).

According to Engineer Majed Al-Rifaie, the solar panel sector in Saudi Arabia is anticipated to develop at a compound yearly growth rate of 30% between now and 2024, thanks to international investments, technology transfers to Saudi companies, private sector investments, job creation, and enhanced localization strategies.

At the workshop’s conclusion, Al-Rifaie mentioned the position that Desert Technologies Group performs in the sector of solar energy, noting that in 2020, the company will launch a new section devoted solely to energy storage alternatives, such as solar PV generators like Sahara containers, which will provide new possibilities for established economies and create jobs.

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