Sometimes you get to hear and see such a story on social media, which is very surprising to see. In fact, such a social event is going viral, after listening to which you will also get angry. Actually tell you that when a daughter is born in any house, then it is the dream of her parents that the daughter should also stand on her own feet and be able to spend her life on her own. <! -

                 For the marriage of the same daughter, the biggest concern of every parent remains.

Shiwangi after marriage -

Let me tell you that every parent always thinks that there should be a good boy for my daughter, who will keep my daughter happy, along with every parent dowry in their daughter's wedding

There is also a great concern about Let me tell you that dowry is such a practice in our society, who does not know how many daughters have slept to death! But even then, this practice is still not ending.

Today a little time is changing, but -

Remind you that, many years ago, every parent used to sell the house to the marriage of his daughter, till the ground, or by keeping a mortgage, to fulfill the demand from the groom in the daughter's wedding. . But now time has also changed slowly and today every girl of the society also wants to stand on her feet. Today we are going to tell you a similar story where this girl did not let her father's head bow and broke the marriage due to dowry bottleneck after his marriage.

Know what was the whole matter

Actually this incident is of Madhya Pradesh. This incident happened with a girl named Shivangi living here, in which Shivangi taught a good lesson to dowry greeders.

Let me tell you that Shivangi studied engineering and currently Shivangi works as an engineer in Paramount Company. Let me tell you that like every wood, the day in Shivangi's life also came when their marriage was fixed. Shivangi's houseman also found a boy according to his own and then the conversation with him proceeded.

Wedding Preparations -

Let me tell you that the matter of marriage proceeded from both sides and the marriage was confirmed. The same wedding was also finalized on 15 February 2019. Preparations started from both sides with great pomp and marriage and finally the car

Shivangi, a girl living in Datia, Madhya Pradesh, was also married. Shivangi's father's name is Dwarka Prasad Aggarwal. Shivangi has three more sisters, the youngest daughter of whom was Shivangi. And then they got married but.

Married to a resident of Gwalior -

Let me tell you that Shivangi's marriage was decided to Pratik Agarwal, a resident of Gwalior. In the same dowry, he had demanded five lakh rupees so that he could buy all the goods for the upcoming daughter-in-law. The boys asked Shivangi's father

It was proposed. The same Shivani's father also gave five lakh rupees. But they did nothing like this till the wedding day. But when Shivangi questioned Pratik on the matter of marriage, he said that the goods will be bought soon. Shivangi, don't worry. Then the day also came when Shivangi and Pratik were married.

Shiwangi after marriage -

Prateek reached Shivangi's house carrying a procession with grandeur. When everyone sat on the pavilion and then the wedding ceremony was started. Then the boys started slowly increasing their demand. But somehow Shivangi's father gave him and

Also fulfilled the demands. After that, somehow they got married well. But after that, the boys did such an act which nobody had even imagined in the dream. Seeing this action, Shivangi turned red with anger and refused her farewell.

Shivangi took such a step from this incident -

Let me tell you that the most important reason for Shivangi's anger was that at the time of farewell, the boys asked to open the girl's bag and suitcase in front of all the people. Along with this, Shivangi's father had also demanded one lakh rupees during the farewell of some girl and all the valuable items received by the girl in the wedding gift, as well as rupees in the envelope. Suddenly again, on the demand of money, the girl's father looked very helpless and helpless.

Let me tell you that Shivangi's father tried to make a lot of embarrassment but those people were not ready to accept it. Tears came out of Shivangi's father's eyes. He was feeling distraught after seeing such incident of Shivangi in front of him. But when she saw tears in her father's eyes, she could not tolerate this. And Dowry refused to leave even after he was married to Gobhiyo. Shivani's family also supported this decision.

Police was called -

After Shivangi's marriage did not leave her in-laws, the boy became more angry at Balo. At the same time there was a lot of controversy in both the sides.

And this dispute increased so much that police was also called in it. The police came and made the matter calm, but the people of the girl side were not in the chaos to pursue the matter, so the boys did not revisit it. Shivani, however, refused to accompany the boy, accusing Dowry Greedio.

Shivangi said that because of this -

My father had already given 5 lakh cash on demand from Shivangi Boli boy. 3 lakh jewels were also made But still they wanted more money! They increased their demand on the wedding pavilion! They demanded to open my suitcase! Asked for a million cash! I could not see this kind of insult to my father, so I refused to marry! My father has spent nothing but 15 lakhs in my marriage! I watched the drama of those people overnight! So I finally thought of a car where dowry is in demand, I cannot marry there because I will not be happy there.


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