Due to Corona Virus, millions of people in the world have to remain imprisoned at home. So far, more than 40 lakh people have been infected with this disease and more than two lakh 70 thousand deaths have taken place. Now scientists have to say that after 40 years from now, we may again have a chance to stay in our homes, but the reason for this will be extreme heat.

Fearing a very bad situation, researchers say that the scorching heat and humidity is increasing throughout the world. This is likely to have a fatal effect on the life and economy of millions of people, because such situations will happen that working outside the house will be fatal. <! -

                 Scientists believe that the signs of severe heat have increased over the last few decades. According to the study published in the journal Science Advance, there have been hundreds of extreme heat and humidity incidents since 1979 in Australia, India, Bangladesh, Paras Bay, China Mexico, and the US.

Till now, this situation was only for one to two hours, but these events have happened only for one hour till now, but the way climate change is happening. It seems that the duration of these incidents will be prolonged. It may be that by the year 2060 it will be up to six hours and will appear in many more. Colin Raymond, the study's lead author and currently working at NASA, says that this is an underestimate. But such a fear has been expressed for the first time.

It will be very difficult to deal with these situations, the US Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also says that these situations will become very difficult for us. In humid and humid conditions, it will not be enough for people to cope with sweat in the scorching heat. This will cause people to face serious problems like heat stroke. People will not be able to survive without treatment.


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