New Delhi: When Bigg Boss-13 finalist and TV star Rashmi Desai was in Bigg Boss, her ex boyfriend Mazhar Sheikh aka Arhan Khan was blowing his money. Millions of rupees were withdrawn from his account, which were either transferred to Arhan Khan's account or Arhan Khan spent. On Monday, #FraudArhaankhaan suddenly started trending on Twitter and the industry's ears were raised. After all what happened in the lockdown suddenly. Rashmi Desai's fan help is also trying to trend hashtags like Rashmi Desai and Rashmi Desai to justice.

According to the information that has come out on Twitter under #FraudArhaankhaan, between October 2019 to December 2019, Arhan Khan continuously spent millions on himself from Rashmi Desai's account. <! -

                 Now suddenly this matter has come to the surface and documents like bank statement have come out, then it seems as if the battle of Rashmi Desai and Arhan has reached the peak. Money transactions have exposed this deteriorating relationship.

Recently, Big Boss-13 finalist and TV star Rashmi Desai spoke openly about Arhan Khan, family and depression. Rashmi Desai made many shocking revelations on how her family supported her in times of trouble. How did she come to know about Rashmi Desai struggling with depression, the actor says that when you are in depression you feel a little low. Your confidence gets low. They consider themselves to be zero in front of others. You become very moody. Suddenly you become unhappy and at the same time your likes and dislikes also start changing. Many people in society face this problem, but no one talks. I tied myself up. What was the most beautiful thing with me, it was my work, which always supported me. I kept working, which also helped me a lot. I also took counseling after three to four years. During that time I felt that if I can become something, then I can even eliminate those things which are probably bad for my personal life.

On the question of how Rashmi came out of the depression, she said - stay with people who want to see you moving forward. That help you to move forward. There are many times when you do not get the things you like. After this you get frustrated and wither away. I think it is necessary to leave some things behind and move forward. The courage to never give up is more important than that.


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