New Delhi / Team Digital. Describing the role of the Delhi Police in dealing with the communal violence in North East Delhi as disheartening, former Uttar Pradesh Director General of Police and former Director General of Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) Prakash Singh (prakash Singh) worked with the police Disappointed. <! -

                 At the same time, he has once again strongly advocated the implementation of police reform.
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Delhi Police remains a mute spectator
Regarding the allegations of the Delhi Police being a silent spectator during the recent communal violence, Prakash Singh said that the role of the police has been disappointing. The reasons for this cannot be clearly stated yet, but largely they were not able to take the decision which the leadership should have taken in the face of a serious situation. He said, 'There is a simple way to suppress it whenever there is a sign of deterioration or if there is an effect. Make arrests, set up an aman committee, patrol, investigate, seize … all this happens. This question should be asked to Delhi Police, why has you got so much inaction?
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There was criticism about Jamia's behavior
The role of Delhi Police has been severely criticized for the manner in which it dealt with demonstrations related to Jamia, JNU, CAA. On the question whether there could have been any other way to deal with this, former IPS Prakash Singh said, 'The most powerful weapon for the police is the trust and confidence of the citizens. Citizens will trust you only when you work properly. Take people with you in such a situation. There is a need to emulate the best police practices prevalent in the world with the general public becoming sensitive. This is the way. '

The court also gave guidelines
It is noteworthy that in 2006, the Supreme Court gave important guidelines for police reform. And the Police Reform Commission also made some recommendations. On the question of implementing them, he said, 'It is not that no work has been done towards police reform at all. Some work has been done but it is not enough. It is also not that if the police is reformed, it will become 'Ramrajya', but the machinery you have to deal with violence will work better. '
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What law will the police run
He says, in fact, police reform means that the policy makers should decide which law the police will run from? Which principle will follow? What will be his role? What will be the responsibility on him? After that the police will work on their own and no pressure will be put on them. These things should be noted. Asked for his opinion on the allegations of supporting a particular sect of police against miscreants during the violence in North East Delhi, Prakash Singh said that this is a matter of investigation. But for all these situations, the police system needs to be modernized, strengthened and organized because the structure of police force or the way of research in India… it is colonial only.

Police Reform Commission should be established
To which immediate and long-term steps should be taken to prevent such incidents in future, he said, 'Police reform and modernization are its important aspects. It has been said earlier that the tenure of the police chief of a state should be ensured for a certain time and freedom of work should be encouraged. There should be no external interference in the functioning of the police. Police Reform Commission should be set up in every state. Suggestions to ensure tenure of tenure at one place from police station in-charge to chief of police, etc. should be implemented.

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