New Delhi: A heroic son of Bhojpur in Bihar, while protecting the country, laid down his supreme sacrifice for this country on the border of Ladakh. The jawan was originally Kundan Ojha, the 28-year-old son of Ravi Shankar Ojha, resident of Paharpur village in Bihia police station area of ​​the district. His family has been living in Sahebagaj in Jharkhand for nearly thirty years. As soon as the news of the son got received on Tuesday evening, the atmosphere of the village became turbid. The same is true in Kundan's ancestral home. The saddest part is that Kundan could not even see the appearance of his first child.

Due to this, the people of the village and the house are very happy. It is said that Kundan Ojha, son of farmer Ravi Shankar Ojha, got a job about ten years ago. <! -

They were married just two years ago and had a baby girl twenty days earlier. Was very happy to have the first daughter at home. Kundan Ojha has three brothers. The eldest and youngest brothers do not earn yet. Kundan was the only earner of the house. His uncle Dharmanath Ojha is a lawyer in Ara. Rural Praveen Ranjan Ojha alias Pintu Ojha says that his family has already lived in Bihari village of Sahebganj district of Jharkhand state for thirty years. Kundan and his family keep coming to the village for other functions including marriage.

Family members said that Kundan's father-in-law is employed in Delhi. His mother-in-law is living at home. On receiving the information of son-in-law, there was chaos in the in-laws. The family's uncle Vivek Kumar Dubey said that Neha has three sisters. The elder sister is Nidhi and the younger Nisha. The two brothers are Hemant and Lucky. The mother-in-law at home is Putul Devi and grandfather Surendra Dubey and grandmother Manorama Devi. The neighbor said that he had come to his in-law's place a year earlier. Were quite sociable. Whenever he came, he used to meet everyone.


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