US President Donald Trump has been harshly criticized by Nigel Green, CEO and founder of deVere Group, for his ignorance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Green criticized Trump's former national security adviser, John Bolton, in his book "The Room Where Everything Happens," in which he tells memories of the White House, that the US president told Treasury Secretary Mnuchin not to give up Bitcoin. Green uses the verb "to follow" for Bitcoin, the leader of the world's largest economy. This is no other effort than turning back the tide thing. If we accept that the order given to the Treasury Minister is correct, we will understand how ignorant the US president is on this matter. ”

While trying to prevent the sale of some of the information contained in the book, some of the information contained in the book is confidential and some are wrong, Green argued that the U.S. president's anti-Bitcoin tweets showed the correctness of the allegations, “Very likely Trump launched an attack against Bitcoin. He had already written a tweet series last year that made BTC worse and put it in the ground. ”

"Large masses will not be prevented from accepting Bitcoin"

Green thinks that Trump's voice against Bitcoin loudly cannot prevent the acceptance of the biggest cryptocurrency and the masses of others.

Regarding the issue, the successful CEO said, “Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin are seen by the masses as the money of the future. You ask why? Because our lives are digitizing at an incredible speed and all of these coins are digital by nature. Also, these coins know no boundaries. There are no limits. This is their; “It is the biggest indicator that it is perfectly compatible with world trade, buying and selling, and people's movements”.

Green also said that the coronavirus outbreak speeded up this adoption and said:

“As with the 2008/2009 crisis, there was a global recession triggered by the coronavirus outbreak. While this has reduced trust in governments, central banks and financial institutions, it has left the door open to blockchain technology, which powers cryptocurrencies and is impossible to change. ”

Stating that people belonging to the millennials and Z generation are more prone to holding crypto money, Green said, "If demography is on your side, it will probably be the future." spoke in the form.


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