New Delhi: US President to test corona virus. However Donald Trump insisted that he did not have flu symptoms. He said, 'I did not say that I will not get the test done but it is not because I met anyone or not. '

In fact, after Brazil's President Bolsonaro met the press secretary, Trump's test was raised. Bolsonaro officials were found to be Corona positive after meeting Trump. Donald Trump held a press conference at White House's Rose Garden on Saturday. He has said many times that he does not need a test.

President Trump has declared a national emergency in America. <! -

                 He said that sacrificing for some time would be beneficial. Trump also said that the coming 8 weeks could prove to be difficult. In fact, in America more than 40 people have been killed due to Corona virus and more than 1100 people are infected.

After meeting Bolsonaro's official, Trump said he did not need a test. However the Bolsonars themselves got their corona test done and their report came out negative. Trump also said that when Bolsonaro's report came negative, it is not necessary that the test should be done. White House press secretary said that Trump's health is perfect and his doctors keep an eye on him.

In many countries of the world, big leaders have also been hit by the corona virus. Australia's Home Minister was also found to be Corona positive and had met Ivanka Trump a few days earlier. The wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was also found to be Corona positive. After this, they have decided to do work from home.


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