The capital is fully ready for Christmas, a festival of mutual unity and harmony. While the Christmas tree and the Santa Claus cap in the market are conveying the arrival of the Christmas feast, there are churches waiting for the incarnation of the Lord Jesus, bathed in light. Midnight of 24 will be the descent of the Lord from the law and people of Christian society will greet each other.

The work of making tableaux with lighting has started in all the churches of the capital from Saturday. Preparations are being made for the first time in the Cathedral of Hazratganj to show the incarnation of Lord Jesus through the lights of Chandranagar, Kolkata.

Mohammed Ali has also completed the task of hanging the star on the cross. <! -

                 In the Cathedral, there will be a Lord Jesus' incarnation ceremony on December 24 at 10:30 pm which will last till one o'clock in the night.

Sanjay Lanjaras, spokesperson of the Holy Redeemer Church of Alambagh, told that a Christmas fair will be held in the campus for two days. Morris Kumar, spokesperson of the Assembly of Believers Church, told that various events will be held at many places including Indiranagar, Hindunagar, Aliganj and Bakshi Ka Talab.

The work of making tableaux has started in other churches including the cathedral. The story of the incarnation of the Lord Jesus will be told in the manger (cowshed). On Saturday, a special prayer was held in the Cathedral in memory of Father Paul Rodrings, in conjunction with bishop Father Jerrold John Matthias and Father Dr. Donald D'Souza.

The churches also bring chemical and polishing machines to polish the utensils of the incarnation of the Lord Jesus at Christmas. They say that a human being is one and religion teaches us to connect. My son is a businessman and daughter is a software engineer, but no one has ever resented my service.


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