While the number of wallets holding 100 Bitcoin has been decreasing since March, BTC has recently regained the level of 10 thousand dollars, and the number of these wallets has increased again.

The number of wallets holding 100 Bitcoin has increased by 43 in the last 5 days and has exceeded 15 thousand 950. Considering that Bitcoin is currently between 9,700 and 10 thousand dollars, 100 Bitcoin corresponds to approximately 970 thousand dollars and 1 million dollars. This makes their wallets more than 100 BTC making dollar millionaires.

In fact, it should be noted here that the stock markets have wallets. It is not correct to approach this situation with the comment “There are only 16 thousand Bitcoin millionaires”.

According to the data of the analysis platform Santiment; Wallets with 100 BTC or more saw an increase when Bitcoin price jumped from $ 9,540 to $ 9,750. However, there is also a serious decline since March. After the big collapse of that period, there was a decrease from the number of wallets from 16250 to 15950.

1565 wallets over $ 10 million

According to BitInfoCharts, there are currently 1565 wallets with $ 10 million worth of Bitcoin. The richest single wallet with 255.502 BTC belongs to the Singapore-based stock market Huobi. This figure is now equal to 1.4 percent of the circulating BTC amount.


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