Locked down across the country. This drastic step was taken to prevent coronavirus so that people can avoid contact and control can be found.

So far it has been found that where infected with coronavirus, other people have also been found positive.

The upper class and the middle class are wreaking havoc on their pockets, but the corona virus has become a disaster on the life of the daily earner.

Hardly settled by the virus but will not leave the sting of poverty and helplessness.

The horrific situation that is being exposed by the media person is heartbreaking. Due to lack of employment, grains of grains are not available and people are in a very bad condition. <! -


From Bihar to Rajasthan, these heart-shaking scenes are seen.

People settled 1 thousand kilometer away have left for their home on foot. Hungry thirsty and just going on.

Big news is coming out that the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has taken a big decision. People of Uttarakhand and Bihar will take it to their homes and at the same time will make arrangements for their eating and drinking.

In such adverse situation, this decision of Uttar Pradesh Government will be full of relief for them.


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