Kathmandu Kulman Ghisela Sara Sara Muluk Jhalmall Baneka Chhan Like this, Ujyalo Tyageka is the one who makes them proud. That is, they are being given birth by Nyano Pardain. However, all day office / work place should be Khatieka. Gham Tappne Fursad Hundain. This is why he lacked the body 'Bhitamin D'. Kulmanale said, 'Kahilekahi doctor, Bhitamin diko drug intake. <! -

                 There was a special problem.

Kulmanko diary daily Food and drink table six? Kunbela Uchchan, Kunbella Sutchan Between the pressure and the pressure between the daily Kasari 'fit and fine' Kurakanima Kulman Bhanchan, 'Kamko chapale girda dheiraj so time spent work. Roam, Ramilo garne, Bhoja bhaterma jaane Phursad Birlai milch. '

Katisam bhe, after five o'clock in the evening, his work was settled. The thorns clap at 10 o'clock in the night; When the editing of the work is done in a smooth manner, Unlai Chainko Nidra Pardain. Today, the country has got the same strength, efficiency and strength.

a routine

Kulman Ghisin Rati Ghar Pugne Tungo Hundain. Kahilekakshamai 10 Bach. Ghar pugda is often deserted. Sabi sutisakeka hunchun Chiso gas tip. Yesto, we used to eat it. The house has to eat like food, you have to eat. Work all day long, fatigue and fatigue Ghiro dormancy story.

Bihan Nidraale Chhadda is very much desired at five o'clock. One liter Mantato water, bathroom Janchan, Fress Hunchan. The body lightly regrets the exercise. How can you practice yoga. Vigatma Uni Yasta Asan Ramri Garthé, Ahile Fursad Mileko Chain. The body according to normal calculation, tankeun, khumchyoune, markoune chharan. I will get the opportunity and go to the house, I will set up a Buddhist stupa.

Home furnishings Tiyacchhi Kalo Chia Piundai Garg Seedul Tayar for the whole day. Lastly light snacks and gharbat baharinchan. The office is Paila Tchepchi to memorialize him, family and family. Reconciliation with Uni Afulai. Kamme Dattacitta Bhaer Khatinchan all day long. The rest of the work should be done overnight. Let them do the same work of honesty, diligence and combativeness.

food and drink

Kulman Ghisilai Khatima Usto Ruchi Chain. Soukha chhan to eat sweet masino. They got Jibro hunks pan Gharma nasta khaer niskeka uni dinousoka khana khanchan, katibela khanchan? Tungo Hundain. Jatibella J Bhetchan, Khaidinchan. 'Tablema ja aunch, tuhi khainch' uni bhanchan, 'Nainasti garindain.'

Dinosoko food should be lentils, rice, vegetables, pickles. Tyso and gharma bihanai nasta garer aayeka chhan mhen, chowminle pani bharnich. Unline Khabarsang, he said, 'Khatima ko rasik manchhe hoin, ali nishi chu.' Rati ghar pugpachhi ki pani, tehi dal bhat nai ho

Unma liqueur, peri pani usto aashakti chain. Piundai napiune bhane hoin This is Belamoukama Sathyabhai, Aftansang Piune. To control your daughter. Gharma Belabakhat Family Scrum Yastobella Unlai Kei Pakown Jangar Challcha. On the other hand, Unma Paklak wants to have Ramro knowledge.


The Kulman is often ceremonial guard. That is, coat, point. Unlai Pahiranprati Usto Aashakti Chain. Dherai Asjilo and Jhakizhakau Bhaer Hinden Ruchi Laagdain. Bihan gharbat jun luga lageer niskhanch, all day long lugama hunchan.

They want to tie the office to the heat, The tie is tied uninterrupted. Tysbahek with additional Lugafato Jaggeda Gareka Chains. Ask for a few pieces. Neither clothe their clocks, nor chandry


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