If no buyer is found, then in next 6 months, the government airline AI can be closed. This claim has been made by a senior Air India official.

Meanwhile, Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri has stated that his ministry will try to issue a letter of interest for Air India in the coming few weeks. He said, "Air India is a first class airline but there are no two opinions about its privatization. We are not subject to any fixed time frame. We are trying to disinvest Air India as soon as possible."

Earlier, a senior Air India official claimed that 12 small aircraft are standing, they need capital to run them again. <! -

                 The airline has a debt of around Rs 60,000 crore and the government is working on disinvestment practices. The official, while not disclosing the name, cautioned that if no prospective buyer is found by June next year, Air India can also go on Jet Airways route.

According to the official, in the midst of privatization plans, the government has refused to invest more capital in a debt-ridden company. Because of this, the airline has to "somehow" work by arranging capital in pieces. It is not likely to last long.

He said that we had sought a government guarantee of Rs 2,400 crore from the government to meet the operational requirements, but the government only gave a government guarantee for Rs 500 crore. The official said that given the "economic condition", the government was very keen to get investors. Haven't raised much hope.


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