Who doesn't like watching cricket matches nowadays? Entertainment thrills more than thrilling cricket matches. Nowadays we see bowlers and batsmen get ready with full preparation. In bowling, such type of bowling, swing, googly, spin are seen, then batting consists of sweep, reverse sweep, upper cut, drive, power heating. But have you ever thought that all the technology of cricket world came from where? Or who first used it?

Today will talk about the innovation of the techniques of the cricket world …

1. Who invented reverse sweep in cricket?

It was first played regularly by Pakistani batsman Mushtaq Mohammed in the 1970s, although Mushtaq's brother Hanif Mohammed is sometimes credited as the inventor. South Africa's legendary batsman AB used it right for his batting. Appear to do.

2. Who invented uppercase shot in cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar used the upper cut correctly. But using Tendulkar's technique, he can actually be considered the inventor of the modern uppercut, where the ball does not stay on the ground, but goes over the third man to Sima. Rohit Sharma on the day of Sehwag and Sachin with Sachin is seen using it very well.

3. Who invented Googly Ball?

"Bernard James Tindall Bossante" (13 October 1877 - 12 October 1936) was an English cricketer best known for inventing googly, a delivery designed to deceive the batsman. The bowler uses googly. Anil Kumble from India is named for Googly.

4. Second and Third Ball Who inventedThe

Sakleen Mushtaqan used the second and third well. The batsman did not know that the ball would turn very much in the off or leg. The batsman cannot judge the ball as to where it will go. Both these techniques were invented by Sakleen Mushtaq. The Dusra is used by most of the current off-break bowlers, but, Teesra is being used successfully by Saeed Ajmal!

5. Who invented Yorker?

We can also rule 19th-century Yorkshire and England star Tom Emmett as the original Yorker. Currently Jasprit Bumrah seems to be making good use of it. For many years Sri Lankan veteran Malinga is known for his yorker.

6. Who is the inventor of helicopter shot?

The credit for inventing the helicopter shot goes to Ranji player Santosh Lal. Captain Mahendra Singh was a childhood friend of Dhoni. Dhoni used it in international cricket and was very successful in it. This has been his favorite shot of him and his fans. And it is also Dhoni's trademark shot. This shot by Hardik Pandya is worth watching.

7. Who invented the knuckle ball?

Although "Jeetan Sarin" developed a fake ball for cricket in early 1989, the knock ball was first introduced by India's Zaheer Khan at the 2011 World Cup. Often bowlers who use a fake ball include Bhuvneshwar Kumar of India and Andrew Tye of Australia.


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