According to the cryptocurrency analysis company Chainalysis, the vast majority of current Bitcoins are held as long-term investments.

As of June, 18.6 million Bitcoin was issued. About 60 percent of these 18.6 million Bitcoins are held by individuals or institutions with a long-term investment approach. When it's calculated, it's 11.16 Bitcoin.

On the other hand, the company states that the other 20 percent tranche did not move to another address from the address it had been in for five years or more, and stated that they were considered as lost Bitcoin.

Chainalysis notes that 19 percent or 3.5 million of all Bitcoins issued are frequently exchanged and used in trading.

340,000 people buy and sell Bitcoins per week

Deepening his research, Chainalysis determined how many people traded and who they were with this 3.5 million Bitcoin. Accordingly, while tens of millions of people hold Bitcoins and more than 5 million visits to the stock exchanges each week, a maximum of 340,000 people actively buy and sell Bitcoin per week throughout 2020. According to other findings of the company, retail investors make up 96 percent of all transfers sent to exchanges. On the other hand, professionals make up 85 percent of the entire dollar value of Bitcoins sent to exchanges. It is stated that the professionals who are few in number perform only 39 thousand transfers per week on average in 2020.

The research also revealed that 60 percent of the entire Bitcoin supply is held by licensed companies or Virtual Asset Service Providers that offer custody services. These include many exchanges such as Coinbase, which holds close to 1 million Bitcoins.


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