New Delhi / Team Digital. In the midst of the Corona crisis, the government of Uttar Pradesh is engaged in organizing the government machinery. To make the system run smoothly, the Yogi government has now implemented ESMA law in the state.

Will be strictly followed
Under this law, now no employee of the state will be able to take leave nor go on strike. That is, now the most essential employees of the government will have to follow the instructions of the government and if they do not obey these rules, then the government will also take strict action against them.

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What is esma
The Act Esma passed by the Indian Parliament was enacted in 1968. <! –

                 This law was enacted to prevent employee strikes amidst difficulties. Before implementing this rule, information is given about the implementation of this rule by giving information such as letters etc. to the employees affected by it.

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May be jail
After this law, no government employee can take leave, if he takes or goes on strike, then that law will be illegal and in lieu of this, the employee can be arrested. Also, any violation can be arrested without a warrant for violating the law.

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