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Jabalpur. BAMS from a recognized university and several B.B.s with degrees in Homoeopathic, Unani subjects and registered with Bhopal Board. a. M / s. And b. H. M.S., B. U. M / s. Instead of doctors prescribing medicines in their medical practice, they are getting complaints related to prescribing medicines in allopathy under the guise of these medicines and causing harm to patients with those medicines. It is illegal to do so. <! –

                 Their registration by Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic physicians can be canceled.

Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Manish Mishra has said that during the transition period of Corona epidemic, many Ayurvedic and homeopathic, Unani physicians have received complaints regarding treatment of cold cold fever etc. by allopathic method. This delays early examination of the corona patient. Apart from this, many BAMS and B. H. M.S., B. U. M / s. Doctors are doing medical business without registering their clinics in the office of Chief Medical and Health Officer, which is illegal. They should soon complete the registration process of their dispensary.

In addition to modern medical practice, Ayurveda, Homeopath, Unani etc. from a recognized institution in the alternative medicine system, Ayush doctors, who are recognized in the recognized medical system, fall under the category of genuine or recognized doctors. Not fake or fake. But before opening a clinic, it is mandatory to register with the concerned Medical Council and CMHO office before doing medical business.

According to the MP Gazette, 19 June 2003, such persons who along with Ayurveda, modern medicine and surgery ie integrated BAMS. He has got a degree, only he can do medical work in modern medical system allopathy at the same level as he has received training. Except these, the remaining B. a. M / s. Physicians cannot practice medicine in allopathy.


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