Ujjain Tuesday 31 March is the seventh date of the Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. On this day, sunrise will be in Mrigashira Nakshatra. Ardra Nakshatra will start after 2.20 pm. On Tuesday, there is inauspicious yoga of demon name due to first being Mrigashira Nakshatra and after it being Ardra Nakshatra, auspicious yoga is being formed in the name of Chara. <! –

                 On this day, the Sun will change the constellation and enter Revathi from Uttara Bhadrapada. Due to the arrival of the Moon in Gemini on Monday night, its effect will be visible on all zodiac signs on Tuesday. Know how your day will be spent-

profit- Will help someone close. Today you will get help from brothers and friends. You will have some extra money.
loss- Do not share confidential things with anyone. People will try to take advantage of you. Your mind can get lost in things here and there.
Solution- Go to the Shiva temple and light a lamp of pure ghee.

Students can get the desired success. Some important responsibilities will be handled. You will feel satisfaction and enthusiasm.
loss- There will be some problems in some business matters. If we restrain the work of others, the relationship can get worse. Do not impose your point on others.
Solution- Offer red flowers to Goddess Durga.

profit- Your creative energy will remain at its peak. Home and office environment will be positive. You will captivate others with your work.
loss- The cost may be higher. Students can get into a problem. Problems in health can increase.
Solution- Do the consecration of Lord Shree Ganesh with pure water.

profit- There are chances of meeting good people too. Relationships with the family may bring more sweetness. Today you can have extra income.
loss- Your image may be damaged. The mind may go astray in the opposite gender. Do not lie excessively in any work.
Solution- Read the source of Ram Raksha.

profit- Officers will be happy with your work. You will get useful advice from some people. Somebody will help in getting the work done.
loss- Do not trust what someone said. Some decisions may prove to be wrong for you. You may feel anxious about something.
Solution- Offer whole coriander to Lord Sriganesh.

The unemployed can get employment. You can get new source of income. In some cases there may be sudden benefit.
loss- Unwanted expenses may occur. There may be differences from officers in the job. The mind will remain entangled in some old things.
Solution- Offer Laxmi ji by applying turmeric and sandalwood to the yellow flower.

The day is good for completing thoughtful tasks. Success can be found in jobs and business. People will be influenced by you because of positive behavior.
loss- This can also cost you money and time. Avoid starting with more than one task. May be troubled by chronic diseases.
Solution- Feed the first roti to the cow.

profit- Time is good for students. Some people can help you unknowingly. There are some good opportunities for career.
loss- Suddenly some bad news can be found. There may be a dispute with someone in the family. Be a little careful while driving.
Solution- Offer Panchamrit to Lord Krishna.

profit- Any big problem can be solved. The day is good for investment. Real estate like houses etc. can benefit.
loss- There may be controversy in love life. Do not trust anyone without thinking. Do any work only with the advice of an experienced person.
Solution- Feed the mother by making pudding with her hands.

profit- There are chances of advancing in career. Sweetness will increase in married life. You will get a chance to learn and understand new things.
loss- Some people in the office can be upset. The sum of injury and accident is being formed. Be careful. Beware of enemies.
Solution- Offer red clothes and bangles to Goddess Parvati.

profit- Thought can be completed. You can also get some good news of benefits. Money problem will be solved today.
loss- Today you can get into controversies due to the moon. Negligence can cause harm. Do not take much risk in any work.
Solution- Flow white flowers in flowing water.

profit- Today you will also be happy about any investment or transaction. Old complicated matters can be solved today. There are chances of getting the stalled money also.
loss- Do not postpone today's work on tomorrow. Headache and lack of sleep can be troubling. There may be a rift in close relationships.
Solution- Offer the Janeu to Lord Shri Ganesh.


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