On January 13, the NEM.io Foundation launched a user poll [POI poll] to select a ticker for the next version of NEM, Catapult [NEM v.2], whose brand name was determined to be Symbol. There are 13 types of ticker candidates, including "Symbol", "Symbl", "SBL" and "XYM". The voting period is from 9:00 am on January 14 to 10:00 am on January 18. The company also announced on January 10 that the public test net was open.

POI voting requires the latest version of NEM Wallet version 2.4.7. Currently available for download on the Foundation's website. The voting is performed by selecting only one of the plurality of ticker candidates. As a result of the voting, the option with the most POIs wins.

Ticker candidates are the following 13 types.

  • Symbol
  • Symbl
  • sYmbol
  • SYB
  • SYC
  • SYN
  • SBL
  • SBN
  • SFN
  • XYM
  • SYMX
  • XSYM
  • XBL

By the way, at the moment you can see from the net that "XYM" is very popular.

Prior to this announcement, the NEM.io Foundation has released a public testnet and announced a new name for its blockchain platform, SYMBOL From NEM. SYMBOL is a full-featured solution for enterprises with an interoperable and configurable plug-in engine. The NEM.io Foundation invites developers who want to participate in the SYMBOL public test net.

In addition, the NEM.io Foundation has said it has set up a communication channel with 10 crypto exchanges and has begun negotiations to get the Symbol listed. He also had a meeting with the Japanese virtual currency exchange and reported that it had begun preparations for listing.


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