Please tell that Hyatt weighs 444 kg. In such a situation, he wants the weight of his future bride to be at least 100 kg. Not only this, Hyatt's height is 6 feet 6 inches and in such a situation, the height of his bride should also be at least 6 feet 4 inches. Along with this, the girl should also come to cook good food.

According to the news, Hyatt needs 10 thousand calories every day according to his body. <! –

                 They eat 36 eggs in breakfast every day. In an interview, Hayat said that he does not have any disease, he is perfectly fit with this weight and feels good. He eats a lot of food everyday so that he can become the most powerful man in the world and become the champion.

Hayat started increasing his weight from his teenage years and this trend continues even today. Please tell that he once pulled the tractor in his hand with a rope. A video of it went viral on social media and since then he has been in the news.

According to Hayat, his parents want a grandson or granddaughter for them, so they want to get them married. His parents are searching for the bride for him and so far they have rejected more than 300 relationships for him, but not a single girl has been settled according to his body.


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