The scheme to provide subsidy provided on ration directly into the account of the ration card holder is in trouble. The ration subsidy money by the central government goes to the housewife's account. In the pilot project launched in the three union territories, some problems have been put before the government by the regional administration. The central government had started a pilot project in Pondicherry, Dadra Nagar Haveli and Chandigarh to send subsidy money directly to the bank account instead of rationing it.

Problems related to ration subsidy are coming forward

Asked questions related to the possibility of implementing it across the country, the Union Minister said that there are many problems in this. <! –

                 We are seeing all kinds of problems in the pilot project. The Chief Minister of Puducherry personally met me regarding the problems of DBT. He further said that in many cases it has come to light that the subsidy amount is being misused. In view of such situations, after the pilot project, it was said on their part that earlier grain was available, the same system was right. Although the Union Minister made it clear that this plan is good for the Center, but the states have to implement it. In this, we will directly save transportation money.

Fraud in the ration card

States will also have to ensure that if the funds are transferred by the government on the 30th, then on the next day, the money reaches the account of the people. States will have to take this guarantee. On the issue of discussing this scheme with the states, the Union Minister says that we have said but there are many problems. Let's see what happens. Remember that the government provides food subsidy of Rs 1.30 lakh crore every year. The government had planned this scheme because the subsidy should fall into the proper hands of the beneficiaries. In the last three years, there have been cases of fraudulent and fake ration card holders being held in ration shops on a large scale.


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