Before Race 3, Bobby Deol did well in many hit films like Barsaat, Badal, Sainik, Scorpion and Gupta. But, Bobby Deol had no job for the last few years. But in Salman Khan's film Race 3, made in a budget of crores, Salman himself gave work to Bobby. But, today I am going to tell you not only about Bobby's film life but also about his love life.

Bobby Deol's heart came on businessman's daughter drinking tea

Nowadays everyone would know about Bobby Deol's film life. However, many of his fans who love Bobby today are not aware of his love life. <! –

                 There was a time when Bobby was sitting in a canteen drinking tea with some of his friends during college days.

Where Tanya was also sitting and drinking coffee with some of her friends. After seeing Tanya for the first time, Bobby falls in love with her at first sight. After which Bobby joined hands of friendship. Then both also became good friends. After which both started their courtship. The two later met alone several times.

Dharmendra also loved Tanya a lot

After which Bobby introduced Tanya to his father Dharmendra. While seeing Tanya for the first time, Dharmendra accepted Tanya as his daughter-in-law. They soon meet Tanya's family and get Bobby and Tanya married.

Tanya does her own business

You might not know that Bobby Deol's wife Tanya is away from the film world. But then Bollywood is very close. Tanya today does her own interior decoration business. Today she works for many Bollywood stars. Tanya has designed costumes for many Bollywood films.


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