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Dr. Kamal Solanki is adept at the post of Block Medical Officer at Government Hospital in Nagda.

Dr. Kamal says that if you want to defeat Corona, efforts have to be made continuously. The rules of governance will also have to be followed. Only then can the corona be fought. This fight is not about any individual or community, it can only be won with the cooperation and contribution of all. Everyone needs cooperation and collaboration. <! –


Family background of Dr. Solanki

In many cases, when Dr. Kamal asks about the family, Kamal tells in a very calm tone that it has been almost three months since he met the family. The first birth of the son was celebrated when he was deen, but now the son is fourteen months old. Ever since the corona infection has spread in the city, I have not been able to go home. The family was already together and is now in Indore.

The ancestral residence of Dr. Kamal is in Barwani district of Nimar. The father settled in Indore due to his job. Father Mr. Mangilal Solanki P.W. D. The department is working in Indore. Mother Mrs. Kundna Solanki is a domestic working woman. And illness has been going on for a long time. Mangilal ji has two sons, in whom Kamal is elder and Rahul has younger son. Kamal was born on 13 February 1985.

The father made both sons a doctor with great effort. But it was acceptable to do something. In the family, there was a crisis and the younger son Rahul, who was an MS Surgeon, ended his life by committing suicide in the hostel room at Rewa Medical College. As if the parents and lotus were hurt like a mountain. It took the family a long time to recover from the accident. The cycle of time continued with its speed and slowly the clouds of sorrow began to wane.

Kamal did not know when he fell in love with Ritu Chauhan, who lives in the neighborhood of his home. When the love came to the knowledge of both the families, the family agreed and got married on 26 March 2012 in the family atmosphere and tied the knot. The wedding was grandly done. The blessings of family and elders were received.

Dr. Kamal and wife Ritu have a fourteen month old son Kritul, son was born on 02 March 2019 in Indore. Now the grandparents' grandson had arrived in the family. Dr. Kamal was now the father of a child and wife Ritu had become a mother. The wheel of time kept spinning and the son became one year old. Which became the cherished side of Dr. Kamal, the cherished side of the whole family.

Due to corona, doctors Kamal could not go home

Could not go home since corona infection spread in Nagda. The son was celebrated for one year when he was born, and now it has been fourteen months. Parents are old in the family, mother's health is also not good, mother's feet have trouble, son is small, wife has to take care of son and parents alone. The family has problems. But it is still necessary to fulfill duty above family.

The infection spreading from corona cannot be ruled out, it is a very difficult situation, it is important to stay here. People have received calls, the person has come from outside, that person is having this problem, the whole country is struggling with this disease, the government and the administration are constantly trying to prevent the corona, it is not easy, in what form our disease We will not come to know It is also important to stay here from the point of view of health.

Talking with the family on the phone every day, the burden of the mind becomes lighter, the family is worried, Dr. Kamal is a little nervous.

Because family is family, the desire to meet parents, wife and son fills the eyes….

Traveling from Kamal to Dr. Kamal Solanki

Dr. Kamal tells that my primary education was done in many districts in pieces. Many schools have changed to study from first grade to higher secondary, every three years new schools, new teachers, new friends. The main reason behind the change of these schools was the transfer of father every three years. Father Mr. Mangilal Solanki is in the PWD department, due to which I would be transferred wherever he was transferred. Friends would change if we changed the school. Because of this, there were problems in studying.

Four schools in four districts changed to study up to higher secondary. Mandsaur, Ujjain, Bhopal and then Indore. After passing Higher Secondary Examination in 2002, MBBS in Medical College Gwalior in 2003. Enrolled for With his hard work and tireless hard work, he became a Doctor Kamal Solanki by taking a doctorate in 2009. Dr. Kamal had fulfilled the dream that his father and family had seen for his lotus.

Dr. Kamal's health services started

After receiving the MBBS degree in 2009, Dr. Kamal Solanki was posted in the Health Department of compulsory rural service Tajpur but transferred to Civil Hospital, Nagda on 10 May 2010 due to availability of doctors in Tajpur. . Since then, Nagda has been rendering his services in the Civil Hospital. In 2012, Dr. Kamal left Nagda Civil Hospital for one year and went to Bombay Hospital Indore. In September 2012, Nagda again came and took charge.

On 22 May 2019, Dr. Kamal Solanki was elevated to the position of Block Medical Officer. Which Dr. Kamal is playing well till date.

Problems occur due to deficiencies

Dr. Solanki says that Civil Hospital Nagda has been facing a shortage of doctors for the last one year. With the shortage of staff, fluctuations in the number of doctors become a cause of concern for the patients which is a matter of concern. All of this hurts the mind. Dr. Kamal tells that when I had joined, the first four months had been very difficult, why did I come here.

But today the time has changed, now it has become a habit that it is the duty of the doctor to provide the right treatment to the patients. To cure their illness and to keep the patient free from diseases. Today, Dr. Kamal Solanki has become one of the respected corona warriors of Nagda with his soft and calm nature. This is the result of their hard work and dedication.


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