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Nagda. Holi of symbolic blank paper of electricity bill was lit by citizens in rural and urban areas on 21 May Thursday at 8 pm as a protest against the electricity bill of high amount on the call of MP Basant Malpani, member of Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee.

Following the lockdown and social distancing, Malpani burnt paper holi on the roof of her house to protest against the high electricity bills. <! –

                 Shri Malpani said that electricity bills were coming down considerably in the Kamal Nath government.

85 percent of the state's people were getting its benefits, but Shivraj Singh of BJP, who became head of the government by manipulating and buying, increased the electricity bills four times as soon as he came. He should think that due to the lockdown in the country, everyone has work Business is not a problem of eating bread, how will the public pay the bills.

We today express our opposition to Chief Minister Shivraj Singh and demand that the electricity bills of the lockdown period should be waived and that the public interest Indira Griha Jyoti Yojana of the Kamal Nath Government should be implemented in the coming time. Mr. Malpani thanked the public for their support and support.


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