With the largest crypto currency Bitcoin exceeding $ 8500, privacy-oriented crypto currencies have seen strong gains.

Traded for $ 3.6 a day Zcoin (XZC), 32.5 percent increased to $ 4.77. The rise in Zcash (ZEC) began earlier. Sold yesterday for $ 34.5 ZEC, 25 percent rose and reached $ 44. In another privacy coin Dash, the situation was no different. Dash, $ 65 to $ 80. 23 percent to dollars gained value.

Zcoin chart

Monero and Beam did not accompany

On the other hand, other privacy-oriented crypto coins such as Monero (XMR) and Beam (BEAM) have not yet shown these performances. XMR increased 4.5 percent compared to yesterday, while BEAM rose 3.5 percent.


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