Most countries of the world, including India, are vulnerable due to the Corona virus. America has been affected the most by this virus. Most people in America have been infected with Corona. Currently Lockdown 4.0 continues in the country. It is ending on 31 March. More than 7 thousand people are getting infected with Corona every day. Due to the lockdown, it is being told that after May 31, the states and Union Territories can be given exemption in case the lockdown goes ahead.

According to a news quoting sources in the Economic Times, the lockdown will be reviewed every 14 days. <! –

                 Until all restrictions are lifted. It is also being told that in the coming days, the role of the Center in the lockdown can be reduced due to relaxation of rules and restrictions. Now more rights can be given to the states. It is being told that the rules like making face distance in public places will be applicable.

In the lockdown 4.0 issued from May 17, the Ministry of Home Affairs had issued new guidelines under which they have been given more leeway in all the zones except the Maintenance Zone. Along with this, international flights, school-colleges, coaching institutes, pub-bars, restaurants, cinema halls, religious places, gyms, theaters, clubs, malls etc. are still closed. The biggest thing that came up during this time was about the migrant laborers, they have been brought to their state by the railways. Along with this, railway passenger trains have also started operating. It remains to be seen what kind of attitude the government adopts after May 31. Gives discounts or lockdown will be followed with more cutting.

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