Bina: Mars blessings of Munishree Abhayasagar Ji Maharaj in the Chandrodaya superfluous area of ​​Sanai village and Brahmachari Sanjeev Bhaiya, Br. Shailendra Bhaiya, Br. Hundreds of Indra-Indranis dedicated 1024 Arghs to Siddha Bhagwantas in the concluding Bella by guiding Ankit Bhaiya, composers Deepak Lakhnadoun, Vijay Chhindwara, Yogendra Ganjbasauda, ​​in the melody of gold, silver and bronze, through the melody of hymns and hymns . <! –

                 On this occasion, cultural programs were performed by artist Satyendra Sharma from Delhi and her colleagues.


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