Shani, the God of justice, keeps an account of our entire deeds with him. On seeing Shani's shyamala-like appearance and harsh behavior, the mind is filled with fear that Shani Maharaj should not be angry with us because Shani Maharaj punishes and rewards all human beings according to his deeds.

Lord Shani does justice to all but those who do improper acts, Shani punishes them as well. Let us know what are those things that can save us humans from the wrath of Lord Shani.

Shani Maharaj and a hard working person have a close relationship. When a person concentrates on labor and always keeps himself clear, Shani Dev is very happy and makes his fortune according to his labor. <! –


Humans start applying black and white due to sweat. Shani is also of Shyam Varna and works slowly at a thoughtful pace, which is why Shani Dev's life inspires him to live a life without error.

Shani is the forerunner of Suryaputra and the lord of death Yama. Saturn acts opposite to the spirit and mind when it is despised by the Sun.This is also the king of justice because the judge does not have the right to take decisions in any kind of emotion. Their black color also proves the same thing that no color is affected by Saturn.

Shani Dev is the son of Sun's wife noun ie Pratibimba. Our character is always with us like a shadow, so Shani Dev always does justice to the bandos away from goodness and deceit.

The education of Shani Dev gives us inspiration in life in this round of competition. Today, even after being successful in one's life, there is no intrinsic happiness because the short ways adopted for success and fame also hurt someone else and from here man enters the field of Saturn, so we need success At the same time, human qualities should also be taken care of, only then man is able to live happily and peacefully in life.

Shani Dev is disturbed not only as a god but also as a judge who has not only your physical actions but also the accounts of mental and spiritual actions.

God has given both intellect and emotion to human beings, so while one can find a solution using the intellect at the time of living, on the other hand, the situation can also be solved by mind and emotion, in such a way, the teaching of Shani Dev The importance of this increases further because Saturn inspires us that labor and insidious tendencies can bring happiness to life.


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