G.U.Labs announced on December 18 that it will partner with Sony to jointly develop a new browser based on the Lunascape web browser. In addition to protecting privacy, the new browser will be of the Web 3.0 generation that supports blockchain such as Ethereum.

G.U.Labs acquired the web browser business of Lunascape, a subsidiary of Media Do, at the end of November. Former Lunascape representative Hidekazu Kondo will serve as CEO of G.U.Labs from December 1st. Lunascape merged with Media Do on December 1st. G.U.Labs will take over the Lunascape brand.

G.U.Labs is a development company established by Shoichi Nishimura, the current CTO, as a company specializing in blockchain technology research. The company provides a wallet app “Tachyon Wallet” for Ethereum and a blockchain service [BaaS] “G.U. Blockchain Cloud”. In addition, tools such as “G.U.Chain” that integrate and manage multiple BaaS provided by Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft, and Google are being developed.


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