For the first time in the history of Britain, a Muslim woman wearing a hijab has become a judge. The woman, named Rafia Arshad, will take over as deputy attorney general in the Midlands. Rafia says that she has been working hard for many years to reach this point.

In an interview to a British newspaper, Rafia said, "I want to tell young Muslims that they can get what they think. <! –

                 I want to make it reliable that the problems of people with different views in society should also be heard. It is important for all women in society, especially for Muslim women. I am happy, but I got more happiness by sharing it with other people. "

Rafia Arshad told, "It was very difficult for me. For this I have worked hard for years. My family members told me that my hijab can be a hindrance in my success but still I did not stop wearing hijab, because I have got success not by hijab.

Let me tell you that Rafia has been practicing the law related to children, forced marriage, racial discrimination against women and Islamic law for the last several years. Rafia will soon take over as deputy attorney general in the Midlands.


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