In the political year, the poster of the poster is full. While till now only the political system of this poster continued between RJD and JDU (JDU), the Congress (CONGRESS) has also jumped. The Congress has spoken against the Bihar government and the central government.

The Congress has not commented much on Nitish Kumar and the Modi government. Rather, the agreement in only one line and four words is tight.

The Congress has pasted a poster near the Income Tax, in which it is written. Whenever Nitish Kumar with the BJP, then a little jealousy. Also, the reservation is over by writing Sa-Jish Part-3 !!! Has been written

Let me tell you that there is debate on the issue of reservation. <! –


Through the poster, there has been a verbal war between RJD and JDU since last year. The RJD is constantly being attacked for Nitish Kumar's policies and being with the BJP, while JDU supremo RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav and his family.

How the BJP and JDU react to this poster running in Rajiniti, it will be revealed only after the poster comes. But the response on this poster and the response of Sa-Jish will definitely be Ti-Kha.

At the same time, posters on the streets of Patna are constantly drawing the attention of the public and it remains a topic of discussion among the people.


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