Scalar announces on January 10 that it will launch a consent management service to manage user licenses in March, in collaboration with My Data Intelligence [MDI] and Arm's Japanese arm Treasure Data did. Jointly provide a service for managing permission such as terms and conditions specified to users when providing company websites and services.

The consent management service is based on the Consent Management Platform [CMP] provided by MDI and combines Arm Treasure Data's CMP and Scalar's distributed ledger software.

Socially, the handling of personal information requires high ethical standards and transparency, and handling such information is also a great risk to corporate activities. Regarding the acquisition of personal information, the acquisition of personal data such as "Cookies" [cookies] that record the browsing history of the web, surveys, and requests for materials, the individual who owns the data must It is an important factor for a company to clarify the data content, purpose of use, data retention method, etc. and obtain consent.

The Fair Trade Commission has issued a policy to strictly instruct platform operators and companies on the use of data that leads to abuse of superior positions. The three companies have a common understanding that it is time to review the use of cookies and other personal data, and have agreed to jointly provide CMP solutions for businesses.

The new consent management services provided by the three companies include the management of consent documents [such as terms of service and privacy policy], the provision of consent document information to collected data, and the reference and withdrawal of consent documents by users. Provides functions, etc.

By using these functions, you can not only obtain the consent to use cookies, but also use the access history of site visitors and the use of personal data of users while complying with laws such as the Personal Information Protection Law. And contribute to the enhancement of corporate brand value.


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