OKEx's cryptocurrency coin OKB, one of the major crypto exchanges, has performed tremendously throughout the week. Opening the week at $ 3.94, the cryptocurrency has seen $ 6.88 today, with an increase of 75 percent. OKB reached a new peak at the same time with this level. The previous highest level was recorded at $ 6.68 on May 14, 2018.

Considering the last 3 months, the rise of OCD is much more striking. The price was $ 1.7 on November 25, 2019. It can be said that someone who invested in OCD that day made 300% profit today.

OKB / USDT chart

The causes of the rise

The rise in OCD came with the decision to release the test version of the blockchain OKChain of the stock market and to burn 700 million OCDs that have not yet been exported. Moreover, the stock market, which will issue another crypto coin called OKT with OKChain, will distribute 100% of the first block to OCD owners.

OKB is trading at $ 6.78 in the minutes when the news goes live.


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