The powerful country of the world has succumbed to the Corona virus. All countries have announced a lockdown to protect against the corona virus. So that this virus can be avoided. Along with this, people are being asked to follow masks and socialdistancing. The biggest problem facing the world has been about testing. In which the report comes out after one to two days of testing in a person.

A big news is coming out about the corona virus test, in which it is being told that the test report will be available in just 20 minutes. This news is coming from England. In which it is being told that in just 20 minutes the report of the corona test will come before us. <! –

                 So that we can keep maximum number of people in isolation.

The Health Minister of England said that this test is different than the earlier test. This test is called PCR test and there is no need to do this test in lab. In this test, the result will come in only 20 minutes. These tests are to be conducted on a large scale in England due to its clinical testing success. Poor and needy people will be investigated for free.

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