According to oceanography, the eyes are called mirror of personality. We can find out who is loyal and who cheats by looking through the eyes. It is not necessary that one can be known only by living together for a long time. If you want to know about his personality without talking to anyone, then read these things carefully.

Blue-eyed people have been called very clever in oceanography. <! –

                 Do not rely too much on them. Because these people somehow make sense of themselves.

Big eyes

People with big eyes are very loyal. He has been considered philanthropist and good-natured. Never refuse to ask such people for cooperation in times of need. They are always ready to help.

Keep eyes on

While talking, if a person keeps his eyes fixed on your face, then understand that that person is egoistic. There is a lot of self-confidence in such people and these people try to show their influence on the front.

Brown eyes

Brown-eyed people are considered selfish. It is said that the eyes of brown persons are brown, they are concerned with their meaning.

Sunken eyes

People with sunken eyes tend to have deep thinking. His interest is in mysterious things. Many secrets are also hidden in their hearts.

Circular eyes

People with round eyes are intelligent and visionary. These people make their decisions through thoughtful investigation and investigation. Such people do not believe in anything quickly.

Black eyes

Black-eyed people have been called virtuous and knowledgeable in oceanography. Such people are loyal and honest.

Honey eyes

The girl whose eyes are like honey. She is lucky and good-natured.


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