Kapil Sharma is spending time with family these days. All celebs are on isolation due to the corona virus. Meanwhile, Kapil has made a special plan for daughter Anaya on Ashtami. Kapil said that he would worship the daughter on Ashtami and wash her feet. Kapil told that he has his own Kanjak and will worship him. <! –


Daughter is taking care like this.

These days everyone is upset because of Corona virus. Meanwhile, recently, Kapil was asked how he is taking care of his daughter at home. Actually, during a live chat on Instagram with Pinkvilla, Kapil talked about his daughter. When asked Kapil about the meaning of daughter's name Anaya, he said, Anaya means happiness. When asked about Kapil's experience of becoming a father again, he said that now he has become a bit quiet and already becomes a child when he plays with his daughter.

How is he taking care of his daughter in the fear of Corona virus these days, then he said, "We are not going out of the house nor letting anyone come into our house." If we have to take any household goods, we go down.

Let us tell you that Kapil and his wife Ginni Chatrath had a plan earlier that both of them would go to Punjab with their daughter and mix the whole family with them and take Anaya to the Golden Temple, but by then the corona virus caused havoc in the country.

Kapil said, 'I think we should not be afraid much because now most positive cases are being cured. Our doctors are doing a great job. We should just follow all the rules.


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