The security audit of Phase 0 "Beacon Chain", the first phase of Ethereum 2.0, has been completed. Least Authority reported the results of the audit on March 24. Seven issues were identified in the specification of the beacon chain, and three improvement proposals were made.

Ethereum 2.0 is planned to be implemented in three stages from phase 0 to 2. This time, the company audited the beacon chain specifications, the first stage. The code implementation is not completed because it is incomplete. Therefore, concerns are theoretical. The company said that the specification of the beacon chain was well thought out and appreciated the high security awareness of the Ethereum 2.0 development team.

In the phase 0 phase, it is important to lay a solid network layer foundation. The report points out that the implementation of the PoS algorithm makes the block proposer election system and the P2P networking layer vulnerable to attack, which is where further study is needed.


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