Due to the ongoing lockdown on the Corona virus, it has had a huge impact on the economy of the entire country. The economic condition of the people has deteriorated. It has the worst effect on the daily workers. People are moving towards their houses due to the closure of business. The farmers are not getting the proper price for their grains, they are forced to sell the grains at a quarter to one price.

This corona and lockdown has made everyone's condition worse. Workers are worried, middle class people are worried, small industries are in trouble. The government is not listening. If Congress is asking to give money in the hands of the people, then the government talks about giving loan. <! –

                 It gives a cost of 20 lakh crores. It is very important to save the poor, middle class and small industries. Therefore, I request the government to immediately provide assistance of Rs 10,000 to the poor.

Speaking further, he said that help small industries, give them money, so that money reaches the hands of the middle class. Also, the migrant laborers should be provided free and safe houses and MNREGA employment should be done for 200 days.

He said that be careful. The poor, laborers and small industries will be saved, then only the country will survive and in this campaign of saving the country, I request the government to save the country by saving these three.


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