These days a video is getting viral very fast on social media. You will be surprised by watching this video. In this hot summer, a person is seen bathing the King Cobra. This video has been tweeted by Sushant Nanda. In this tweeted video, you can see how the cobra is bathing. And a young man is taking a bath on that cobra with a bucket of water. This video is becoming viral on social media and people are liking it.

The young man who is bathing this big king Kovra is being told that he is going to catch the trend snake. You can see this video. We can see how that young man is hammering the snake's forehead. <! –

                 Pouring water over it Sushant Singh, who shared this video, wrote warning that do not do such a stunt on the house. He has also written that it can be dangerous, please do not try.

This video shared by Sushant Singh is being well liked in social media. This 51-second video has been shared on Sunday. So far, more than 76 thousand people have watched this video. There are constant comments on this video.



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