A human is unable to make time for romance from his busy life. But even then sex drive is not reduced, so you have to take care of some special things. If you are a bit weak in sex, it can also spoil your and your partner's mood. If there is no mood for sex, then there can be many reasons about which we are going to tell.

These things reduce sex drive:

#Cola contains artificial sweeteners that affect serotonin levels. Serotonin is a healthy hormone and if many research is concerned it is related to the desire for sex.

# If the liver is weak then obviously androgen converts to estrogen and sexual desire decreases. Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause men to maintain ejaculation.

# The strips used in processed eliminate nutrients, they also contain nutrients that increase sexual desire.

# You do not take sugar in tea-coffee, but sugar is hidden in most food items. Increasing blood sugar decreases your sexual desire.


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